Work and Mental Health

Work and Mental Health

Work can help our physical and mental wellbeing by keeping us active and giving us a sense of worth. Work provides a routine and structure to the day, social contacts and a sense of purpose. It can become a big part of how we see ourselves and our identity. Work gives us financial benefits and security; it can provide a sense of self reliance and independence.

Work can provide a number of important things that help to protect our mental wellbeing... if we can find the right balance and working environment. It can be something that helps to protect us from developing a problem like depression.

Lots of people are managing a mental health problem and continue to work. But for some it can be an overwhelming time and can be hard to find a balance. But mental health problems do not have to stop us from getting a job or being in work. It’s possible to support our own mental health and wellbeing through taking positive steps.

Work and mental health is a booklet designed to help you manage work while you have a mental health problem and covers a range of different topics such as letting people know you have a mental health problem, how to get a good work / life balance, returning to work if you have had time off.

Getting help

The Fit for Work Service supports employed residents of North, South and Central Manchester who are off work sick (or expected to be off work sick) for two weeks or longer by helping them to return to work quickly.

ACAS– information on the equality act 2010, helpline number, advice for those not in a union, mediation, arbitration and conciliation

Health 4 work – free Occupational Health advice on health issues for employees and employers aimed at small and medium size businesses; free helpline number available Monday to Friday 8am-8pm 0800 077 8844

Mind– for information about mental health conditions and for their surviving working life guide

Remploy – employment service for disabled jobseekers

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