We all experience difficult times in our lives when our emotional health can suffer. Experiencing stress at work, the ‘baby blues’ or an event such as a bereavement can leave us feeling vulnerable. However, most of us are able to manage and get through with the help of friends or family. Some problems become more difficult to manage and the symptoms continue at a level that begins to impact on our daily lives. This is when the additional support of our GP, health professional or a specialist may be required.

The important thing to remember is that mental health problems are:

  • Common
  • Treatable
  • Nothing to be ashamed of

This section provides you with some information about a whole range of mental health problems, plus links to useful factsheets, websites and leaflets. One of the best ways to begin to manage and recover from mental health problems is to be in the know about the condition and what can help. Use the tabs below to find out more. 

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