At some point in all our lives we will all experience the pain and grief of bereavement. This may be because of the death of someone close to us, or even the loss of our home or health. All are serious losses.

Everyone’s response to loss is different and it can be difficult to know what is ‘normal’ and to understand how we or our families may respond when we face a loss.

Experiencing grief is like going through a series of stages, where at first we feel shock, numb, panicky, weepy or unable to cry at all and move through to feelings of panic or agitation, guilt or anger. It can take a while to come to terms with loss. Everyone is different.

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Useful Websites

Cruse Bereavement Care offer support and a helpline. support for the widowed and young

Survivors of bereavement by suicide offer support and information

Getting help:

If you are worried about yourself, or someone close to you, it is worth discussing your concerns with your GP. For services in Manchester click here

The Psychological Wellbeing Service in manchester offer a Coping with Bereavement workshop.  Phone 0161 226 3871 for details.

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