Depression is a common treatable condition. Having depression does not mean that you are weak and lazy. It does mean that you have a serious condition which requires treatment.

Depression is not the same as the normal feelings of sadness that people feel when they experience difficult events in their life. Depression prevents people from progressing normally with their lives, and taking part in activities they normally enjoy.

These are just some of the signs someone may be depressed:

• Feeling low, sad, guilty, upset or numb, crying, feeling alone or angry.
• Losing interest or enjoyment in things
• Sleep problems
• Changes in weight, appetite and eating
• Having negative or gloomy thoughts
• Putting things off
• Can’t be bothered to do everyday tasks

If these signs have been persistent and impacting on day to day life then you may need to seek help.

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Getting help:

If you are worried about yourself, or someone close to you, it is worth discussing your concerns with your GP. For services in Manchester click here.

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