Panic affects your body, your mind and the way you behave. When someone has a panic attack they may think that they are dying, suffocating or having a heart attack because the physical symptoms can feel similar, such as tightening of the chest or difficulty breathing.

The truth is that nothing awful will happen as panic attacks are not dangerous.

The following are some of the most common symptoms experienced by people having a panic attack. Some people have all the symptoms; others just a few.

  • Heart pounding, beating fast or skipping a beat
  • Changes in your breathing - you may be gulping air, breathing fast or feeling short of breath
  • Feeling that you are going to faint – wobbly legs, sick, can’t swallow.
  • Feelings of terror, anxiety and unreality.

When panic occurs, it is very distressing and frightening for the person affected. It is very common for a person to feel quite at ease one minute and then be struck by utter terror the next. Because panic can happen without warning, it can make people feel very vulnerable. The risk of panic can be reduced or prevented by using relaxation exercises and other techniques.

Fortunately, panic disorder is one of the most treatable of the anxiety disorders.  It is worth getting things checked out with your G.P.

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Useful Websites:

  • No More Panic information for people with panic, anxiety, phobias, OCD.
  • NHS Direct: information on panic disorder

Getting Help:

If you are worried about yourself, or someone close to you, it is worth discussing your concerns with your GP. For services in Manchester click here

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