Distress to De-stress Audio Relaxation Collection

Download and use the relaxation tracks below to help you to unwind. 

Getting the most out of relaxation  Think about these points before you start.

Practice as much as possible: try at least 2-3 times a day.
Get comfortable: not too hot or cold, not hungry or too full, no tight clothing, go to the loo before you start.
Breathe: try to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Don't worry if this is difficult, just breathe.
Relax: as you breathe out, try to let your muscles relax a little bit more each time.
Lie down or sit when you first start practising: you might feel a bit uncomfortable or dizzy.  This is normal, your body is just not used to being relaxed. These feelings will go the more you practise.
Progressive muscle relaxation: don't tense those areas you have pain in. Just focus on relaxing those muscles instead,
Safety: If you have physical health problems and are worried about doing this sort of relaxation, go and talk to your doctor first.

01 Controlled breathing - Learn to breathe and relax
02 Seated relaxation – A short seated relaxation
03 Body tension – Learn to relax the body
04 Deep relaxation – For muscle relaxation
05 Woodland guided fantasy – A relaxing visualisation
06 Helping yourself sleep – Prepare for restful sleep

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