Be Informed

Be Informed

Finding out more about mental health is very helpful if you want to do more to stay well or have just been diagnosed with a mental health problem. There are books that you can read that give you more information about mental health problems, what treatments are available and things that you can do for yourself to deal with the problem. Some of these you can borrow from libraries.

Public Libraries in Manchester

Your local library has lots of information about health and wellbeing. Every library in Manchester has a ‘Health Information Point’ which has books, leaflets and CD’s about mental health and lots of other health problems that you can borrow for free. You can also get free internet access and information about activities and groups that run in your local area.  Find out about the 'Reading Well' scheme in libraries.


Bookshops often have a well-being section; this includes a range of mental health books that you might find useful.


The Internet is a valuable source of information about mental health. The links below provide information, factsheets and leaflets which you can download about all kinds of problems and treatments.

Visit the MIND website

Visit The Royal College of Psychiatrists website


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