Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

We all have worries in our lives. Whether it’s about money, housing or work it can
build up and add to your stress. Good advice about how to sort the problem, can help you to cope, and may relieve some of your anxiety.

If you don't know who to ask, remember that your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is a good source of free and confidential advice. CAB workers are used to giving information in a way that can be easily understood, on issues ranging from benefits and debts to legal problems and family and personal matters. They also have details of helpful local services and organisations.

Money Matters
Your mood can be affected if you have worries like debt. It is important to get
good advice and support.  The Consumer Credit Counselling Service is a voluntary organisation that provides free and confidential help with debt problems.  Mind Your Money is a free service that provides courses to help social housing residents across Manchester stay finacially safe. Click here for more information. To contact the team call 0161 227 1125 or email

Housing Issues
Living in poor housing can cause stress and affect our mental health. It is also
difficult to look after and manage a house when our mental health is poor. You can get help and advice about housing issues from Manchester City Council.

Employment Issues
If you enjoy your job, work can give make us feel good about ourselves and offer
a chance to make friends. For information about employment opportunities, or on making a career change, contact Jobcentre Plus.  However, work can be a source of stress. If you are experiencing problems such as stress at work or work-place bullying, then contact the Citizens Advice Bureau

Taking time to yourself to relax is a must for staying mentally healthy. There are
relaxation exercises that you can listen to or download from this site for free.  Just choose the one that appeals to you. The Distress to De-Stress Relaxation Collection is in the resources section of this website.

Useful Relaxation Websites
Meditation Oasis
offer free podcasts offering guided meditation and relaxation.
Wellbeing Podcasts available to download from the Mental Health Foundation
Life Coach Directory Listings of local coaches for people looking for assistance to move on in all areas of their lives. For people with means to pay for the service.

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